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Rusty helps the San Diego Track Club with their Rock N Roll Marathon Training Program. Each year the club starts with approximately 500 runners. As Coach Paul Greer states, “Tassinari Physical Therapy is the official physical therapy clinic for the San Diego Track Club. He helps them get back on track with their training program and finish the marathon.”


Rusty presents two free seminars for the San Diego Track Club each year. At the beginning of their training, he instructs them in a thorough stretching program. Midway through the program, he focuses on injury prevention. Rusty also offers foot assessments for proper running shoe fit and type. For those who get injured along the way, he not only goes through a thorough assessment and treatment, but also instructs each individual on a safe progression to return to their training and complete the marathon.


Rusty’s devotion to the runners doesn’t stop at the end of the regular work day. He also consults with them by phone and email. On race day, you will find him along the course, cheering and running alongside the runners. Rusty’s expertise comes from both professional and personal experience. In addition to his athletic training background he has also completed a marathon, many half-marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s and triathlons. Rusty was a college gymnast, has the body type of a gymnast, and not a runner. Because of this he sustained many injuries, thus lots of personal experience with injuries and self treatment to get himself back on the road.


For the San Diego Track Club Stretching Program and information on the San Diego Track Club Marathon Training Program go to

San Diego Track Club Marathon Training Program



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